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United Airlines



About United Airlines

United Airlines operates over a huge domestic and international route. With its headquarters in Chicago, it is one of the largest operating airlines in the Asia-Pacific region. With alliance with Star Alliance it is working with 28 other member airlines, which makes it one of the biggest and smoothly functioning Airways of the era. 

With its tremendous services to the passengers, United Airlines customer services are also actively available to resolve and assist each customer with complete support. It standout when it comes to services and customer support.

United Airlines Luggage Handling

Here are luggage and utility handling and restrictions provided by United Airlines. If you are someone who is traveling by United Airlines for the first time, here are some of the important luggage and baggage information that you need to have before boarding your United Airline Flight:

Personal Belongings:

If you are carrying a personal or handy bag, make sure it is under 9*10*17 (inches), so that it can easily be fitted under the front seat. These handy items can be your purse, laptop bags, or any other small bag. No big bags or luggage is allowed to be placed under the front seat. Therefore it’s been suggested not to carry any heavy luggage on-board. If you have any queries related to this then our Airlines Customer Service Number For United is available to assist you and resolve your queries. 

Allowed Baggage for Overhead Bin in United Airlines 

As per United Airlines, you are allowed to carry 45 linear inches or 115 centimeters (including wheels and handle) to be fitted in the overhead bin of the flight. Carry-on items like jackets, umbrella, diaper bag, assistive items like wheelchair, walkers, strollers, etc. will not be counted as carrying on the allowance. 

Standard Checked Baggage

For standard luggage or baggage, you can carry 2 standard bags with a maximum of 157cm and 23Kg weight. 

For any assistance and query, you can contact our Customer Support Number of United Airlines, our people will properly assist you and give the required information, within a few minutes.

United Airline Customer Service for Check-In

This airline particularly takes huge care for passenger convenience and comfort, therefore they give you an online check-in facility so that you can check up on your flight status and other details easily using your mobile or laptop. You can do it any time before 24 hours of flight departure time.

For passengers who opt for Airport Check-in must reach the airport 45 minutes prior to the departure time of their flights and submit your checked baggage at the flight booth. Those who are traveling internationally, they are required to reach the airport an hour before their flight’s departing time.

To know more about your arrival or luggage related issues you can contact United Airline Customer Service Number and get the full assistance.

United Airways Cabin Facilities and Services:

For an amazing onboard experience, United Airlines manages to provide you with the best in class comfort and crew-assistance. You will facilitate with following services:

Mouth-Watering Cuisines

United Airlines Reservations let you have a variety of cuisines depending on your flight duration and timing. Have amazing choices of snacks that you can buy or you will be served with a yummiest on-board meal based on your ticket. There will be choices for juices, hot or cold beverages, snacks, food, etc. 

For premium passengers, there will be exquisite dining that they can enjoy while traveling with United Airways. These dishes are prepared by top chefs, and hence are highly hygienic and delicious. 


The list doesn’t end with tasty on-board food, United Airlines offers in-flight entertainment. Depending on your ticket and aircraft in-flight entertainment services are provided for the passengers. For more knowledge on the same you can talk to Airline help executives over United Airlines Support number, they will briefly describe you the facilities and services you will get on-board. If you are willing to make your travel more enjoyable and comfortable ask this person to help you with the same.

On-Board Wi-Fi Facilities:

To enjoy high-speed internet services, you will be provided onboard internet services. This is a high-speed internet service that allows you to explore a huge range of TV shows, music and much more. If you are traveling with kids, we have the best Disney movies for them as well so that you can enjoy you’re your journey with peace

United Airline’s MileagePlus Program

MileagePlus is the initiative by United Airlines and Aeromar that offers some special awards to the passenger on special types of tickets. These awards are basically for frequent flyers and by joining the program you will be eligible for many other benefits like reward tickets, elite status and much more.

These benefits include ease for check-in and boarding, you will get priority in security lines, and you will be eligible for lounge access. Apart from that, you will be getting upgrades on your sear and discounts.

Moreover, if you complete certain miles and total spending then you will be qualified for higher status and respective benefits. You can redeem these extra miles either for cheap flights or other benefits as per the United Airline’s norms. 

For complete knowledge of your points and benefits, you may get, you can contact United Airline Reservation Support Phone Number, we will evaluate your status and assist you with related benefits you can redeem.