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Southwest Airlines



About Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is another one of the best low-cost carrier airlines in the USA with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is the largest domestic airline in the United States and is scheduled for over 100 destinations in the USA. It has come way too far since the beginning and yet expanding more day by day. Its operating bases include Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago-Midway, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orlando, and Phoenix. With its expanding services, Southwest Airlines is not avoiding the importance of customer services, no matter where you are calling from, you will always find the active executives available to assist you on their Southwest Airlines Phone Number. Southwest airlines always give high privilege and amazing deals to their passengers so that they can have an unforgettable experience with the airline

Southwest Airline Services

When it comes to hospitality and customer dealing, Southwest Airlines are not less than any giant airline in the USA. For them, passenger satisfaction and happiness are equally important. They are super adjusting with their standard rules when it comes to passenger’s happiness.

Here are some outstanding rules of Southwest Airlines that makes it stands out in the league:

They charge no check-in charges on 2 checked bags. You can easily carry 2 checked bags without paying any check-in charges, like other airlines.

With Southwest Airways you can easily change your flights prior 10 minutes of their flight. There will be no extra charge for that. But yes if your new flight ticket costs more than the previous one then you need to give the difference amount and if the new ticket costs less, hen the difference amount will be credited to your account. For more detail, you can talk to our Southwest Airlines customer service number and get the required information.

In case of cancellation, the ticket amount will be transferred to your credit, so that you can use it for the booking of next southwest airlines.

You will be served non-alcoholic drinks in the flights and all the alcoholic beverages can be purchased during your flight.

In-flight you will get complimentary snacks, pretzels, and full entertainment. In fact, he crew is very joyous, sing songs, hey have colorful boarding which makes your trip even more amazing

This is the only airline with high passenger satisfaction with the st number of customer complaints. Since our Southwest Airlines customer service phone number is actively available to take up all your queries round the clock and help you resolve any issue within a few minutes so that you can have splendid time flying with Southwest Airlines.

Each Boeing has its own personal Wi-Fi, streaming TV with free movies, music, etc.
With the modification in its services, it is also focusing on providing better and more comfortable seats to all its passengers.