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Delta Airlines



About Delta Air Lines

Delta is one of the biggest airlines in the United States, with headquarter in Atlanta. It is so huge that it operates nearly 5000 flights each day and servers over 300 destinations all over the world. It is the second-largest airline in the world. With that reputation worldwide, it never fails to deliver the luxurious and most comforting services to its passengers. Delta is one of the prestigious airlines, with outstanding hospitality and services. It is known to provide the best services both on-board and at the airport, apart from that Delta executives are actively available to assist their customers whenever needed. The customers can also call on our phone number for Delta airlines to avail instant support for any issue that they are facing.

Cabin Arrangements in Delta Boeings

Delta Airlines upgraded its cabin branding in 2015 and nowairlines offer 6 different cabin option:

Delta One Cabin

It's the Premier business class of Delta Airlines available onlong international flights. It has well-equipped seats on flightentertainment service, power ports, reading lights and working foldable tables. Passengers traveling in delta one also get complimentary Meal, alcoholicbeverages, premium bedding, and sky club access.

Premium Select

It is a premium economy cabin with the extra features for legroom,adjustable leg rests, width and premium services.

First Class

It is offered on domestic flights and for short and medium-haulinternational flights. Passengers in first class have priority boarding inflight. In this cabin, passengers receive a wide variety of free snacksand alcoholic beverages. They also get a fool meal in 900 miles and aboveflights.


These are now installed in the aircraft with some additions to thefacility. Delta Comfort+ includes sky priority boarding, overhead space,complimentary beer, wine and complimentary free snacks on 900 miles or aboveflights. Delta Comfort+ also has complimentary premium entertainment via deltastudio with free headsets available on the flight.

Main Cabin

The main cabin is available on all flight with different seatrange. The main cabin has a seat moving facility and reclining the seatbackward.

Main cabin passengers get complimentary snacks and non-alcoholicdrinks in 250 miles flights. Alcoholic drinks and full meals are also availablein-flight for purchase.

Basic Economy

It is a basic version of the main cabin with fewer flexiblefacilities. Passengers traveling in basic economy do not get complimentaryservices.

Based on your requirements and comfort you can choose from yourseating arrangement for a pleasant and comfortable flight.

For any kind of assistance and support related to tickets,offers, discounts on Delta flight tickets, schedule information, cancellationpolicies you may talk to Delta airlines phone number, where executives will take upall your queries and help you get the best solutions instantly. They willexplain to you briefly about the packages, offers, services, etc. so that youcan make the right decision without any loss of time and money. These servicesare made available round the clock so that you can easily call up anytime asper your convenience.

How our Customer Services are helpful

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  • Status of Flight arrival and departure time.
  • Queries related to ticket cancelations.
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Our Delta Services for our clients and passengers are highly active and available roundthe clock so that anyone can availof the benefits and we are also focused to maketheir lives a bit easy with ticket bookings and reservations. You can ask for help anytime, as these services are free. The executives are soft-spoken,understanding and are experts in what they do. You will be able to get all thesolutions and information that you are seeking within a few minutes. DeltaAirlines customer service number is available even asking for discounts andoffers that you may avail of your trip to make it more amazing